Our possessions are a reflection of who we are. They can be souvenirs of our life experiences and are an evocation   of our collected memories.

We love to surround ourselves with the things we treasure, from our art, our furnishings, our clothing and our collections.

In the era before the internet, people wrote and received letters and cards and often kept them all. These personal correspondences deserve to be handled with due care, sensitivity and respect. Some may even have historical value.

The enormous responsibility when faced with the task of moving, decluttering and clearing a house can be a daunting and difficult time. Everyone is so busy and who knows what things are worth or how to realise any value to be had.

Twinset and Pearls manage the process by working with clients, clearing a house by identifying and selling items of value, recycling where possible, removing all remaining rubbish and making the process efficient and stress-free. We streamline the move by organising removal trucks, packing and then unpacking for a smooth transition into a new home.

We know from experience, our clients actually begin to enjoy the process because we listen. We make it a little bit of fun and the relief is genuinely priceless.