About Us

Twinset and Pearls are a dedicated team with knowledge in specialist areas eg: Antiques and Collectibles; Textiles and Clothing, Ceramics and NZ Pottery, Art, Vehicles, Equestrian, etc. all with have a sleeves rolled up, get stuck in attitude.

Lacey Graham started Twinset and Pearls in 2013 after being left to clear a family member’s estate.  They had been a keen collector and a great sentimentalist so had amassed a house full of memories and momentoes.  It was during this time Lacey realised the enormity of such a task and the amount of time involved would simply mean some people would need help.

Collecting art and antiques has been a hobby since Lacey was a teenager so working in estate clearance seemed a natural fit.  Over the years she has developed a high level of expertise in the value of items and through the business gathered a database of collectors and dealers and a strong relationship with auction houses.

Lacey is experienced in the liaison and often tricky negotiation between several groups of people including family members. She understands the delicate balance between working to a deadline and the need for great empathy and sensitivity during such a momentous time in someone’s life.