How we operate

Twinset and Pearls offer a personal, flexible service.

While each job has different requirements and deadlines, we work at a pace tailored to suit you.

We work with clients directly or through a solicitor, managing the job from helping someone move or simply a house clearance. We know qualities of integrity, honesty and sensitivity are as important as working efficiently to wrap everything up in a timely manner.

Our specialities include estate clearance. We have a broad knowledge in the following areas: antiques and collectibles; textiles and clothing, ceramics and NZ pottery, books, jewellery, art, vehicles, tools, etc.

We have an extensive database of collectors and dealers and have developed an excellent relationship with various auction houses.

When necessary we’ll hold an estate sale on the property and invite people along to buy directly.

We charge an hourly fee and do not take commission from items sold. All proceeds from sales of goods go directly to the client/estate.

We have a sleeves rolled up, get stuck in attitude and we endeavour to more than cover the costs of our services through the sale of these chattels.