My family employed ‘Twinset and Pearls’ in March 2015 to help my mother work through all her furniture and possessions and to decide what she would take to her new apartment. Mum had been living in our family home for over 30 years so there was a lot of work to be done! We found Lacey Graham to be an amazing help. She bonded instantly with my mother which gave Mum the confidence to trust her recommendations. We found Lacey to have expert knowledge as to the value of antique items and other household goods. She helped pack and label boxes, identify what furniture was worth keeping versus selling at auction, made recommendations on where we could sell old beds and other items, nominated charities who were interested in some of the items and organised and ran a garage sale for all the odds and ends. Lacey also measured Mum’s new apartment and helped her to decide what furniture she could take and where it would best fit.  We unreservedly recommend Lacey Graham for the help and kindness she offered Mum at what is a very emotional time, moving from the family home she had known and loved for so long.
Kathie Bartley
April 2015

I take this opportunity to express my thanks for your great work in organizing my move. You gave me every confidence from start to finish and made the process amazingly stress-free at a difficult time. It was wonderful to be able to turn up to my new unit, move in, put my feet up and feel at home.
Tony Pilgrem
June 2015                                                                          

Thanks for all the great help you’ve been in getting all this chaos under control. I really appreciate it and simply couldn’t have done it without you. I have no hesitation in recommending you to other people
 Brian Spackman
 April 2016

We employed this Company to move an 89-year- old lady out of her three-bedroom house where she had lived for 85 years. The task was completely beyond us but was taken on by them with efficiency and empathy.
They went over all her belongings and identified what was important. They then arranged to have auctioned those items she no longer wanted and the balance sold in an estate sale. The whole process ended up costing nothing as what they sold covered the costs.

I would highly recommend these ladies for anyone with a similar situation. They under took what seemed like an impossible task, and produced a wonderful result that all involved were very happy with.
Maureen Keene
May 2016

Thank you Sam and Lacey. We didn’t imagine that you could turn such a stressful situation into a very pleasant experience. Great organization. Would recommend them without hesitation.
Tracy Baird
February 2016

I can’t thank you enough for helping me to move. Your kindness. honesty and efficiency are appreciated more than I can say. If anyone needs help with moving I would recommend you contact these ladies.
Constance Lepine
April 2016


I came across Twinset and Pearls in 2015 when my father passed away. I thought then that the service offered would be very useful.  In 2016, our family discovered how useful when we engaged Twinset and Pearls to complete the clean out of our parents’ house in Tauranga. We had made three attempts ourselves, but with time short and all of us living outside Tauranga, the service provided proved invaluable.From first contact, Lacey was friendly, helpful and obliging. For us, being able to trust Lacey and Nigel with the final cleaning up before sale relieved the family of a great burden and saved much time, money and emotional stress.Nothing was too much trouble, our requests were honoured (even when we changed our minds), and communication was prompt and frequent.Without hesitation, I would recommend Lacey’s services as a cost effective and convenient way of dealing with an estate.
Annette Huang
December 2016

After the death of my father, I was overwhelmed with the fact that I had my father’s home to go through.
He had lived in the house for 45 years, and was quite a hoarder. I didn’t know what surprises I may find while clearing things out.
The estate lawyer gave me a list of several companies to contact who could help me with this immense job.
I called a couple to arrange a quote, and Twinset and Pearls was third on my list.
After speaking with Lacey, I immediately cancelled the appointments with the other companies as I felt confident that Twinset and Pearls was the one to go with.
Lacey was very personable, understanding and extremely helpful, and when I met her team (Sam and Nigel) I felt completely at ease.
Nothing was a problem, and they made every effort to fit in with my schedule.
With all the drama which comes with a death, I found them to be honest, trustworthy and reliable.
I would not hesitate to use Twinset and Pearls again, or to recommend them to anyone else who needs help like I did.
Angela Boland
November 2016


With the sudden loss of my grandma and my imminent move overseas, I was in a bit of a scramble to make sure that her belongings were taken care of so that the sale of the house could be progressed.

On my first call with Lacey she instantly put me at ease with her friendly manner and knowledge, and it made me very happy to know that she had plans to donate clothing and linen that could help someone else in need.
I was able to leave move overseas with the confidence that Lacey would take care of everything, and she did it for a fraction of the quote a competing estate clearance service offered.

Jacob Monash
May 2017